25+ Years experience with japan





Mark Swingle first went to Japan in 1992 and lived there until 2002, returning to the US to start MSA LTD. Currently based in central NJ, Mark enjoys helping link Japanese and US groups and companies and facilitating their mutual success.

With our partners in Japan, we can provide real-time, native language support in either country.

Mark Swingle Associates LTD. works with you to understand your needs and capabilities


  • Japanese-English Translation
  • Cross-Cultural Support
  •  Local Support for your International Growth
  • Help with Navigating Exchange Rates, Customs and International Protocol
  • Domestic Purchase for Overseas Sales = Easy New Revenue Without Diluting Local Efforts

We can work as Agent, Manufacturers Rep, Reseller or Consultant, to best support you.

We develop a plan to maximize your return, whether you are looking for sales or sourcing

     Easy & Profitable Access to Japan                                    米国市場へのイージーアクセス