Easy & Profitable Access to Japan                                    米国市場へのイージーアクセス



Welcome to MSA LTD. Since 2002 we have been supplying US and Asian customers with value-added products that differentiate their product lines while lowering costs compared to domestic alternatives, allowing for increased market share and higher profit margins. We also consult for companies looking to expand internationally and cross-culturally, and our bilingual Japanese and American staff is always looking for new opportunities!

MSA LTD. was initially founded to export American stationery product from America's largest supplier to Japan's largest social imprinter, but we are now looking across all industries to link Japanese and American companies, groups and individuals.

We are especially excited to be working with US and Japanese Chambers of Commerce since 2013, and with our partner, GyoLighthouse, allowing local support in each country for your international efforts. www.gyolighthouse.com 

In 2015 MSA became the exclusive Japanese distributor of APEX-10, a 100% Organic soil enhancer from the U.S. APEX-10 increases grass durability for Golf Courses and Sports Fields, lowering maintenance needs and costs, and increases crop growth and yield for agricultural and horticultural applications while also increasing drought resistance and fertilizer efficiency.

New in 2017: The success of this venture has resulted in MSA also being asked to help with distribution within the U.S. for its Agriculture-only brand AgraPro! Although our primary focus is linking Japan and the U.S., we are happy to help our clients beyond that where appropriate.

Contact us to see how our personal approach toward bridging language and cultures can help your businesses or organization expand internationally, or improve your current overseas arrangements. With our local positions in both Japan and the US, we can handle all aspects of your international needs, working as actively or passively as appropriate to maximize your success.

Please contact us in English or Japanese via info@mswingle.com

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