In addition to our distribution across all channels in Japan, MSA is proud to also distribute the Agricultural brand AgraPro(TM) in the United States. AgraPro(TM) is an organic farming-approved Biostimulant and Soil Amendment that improves plant and soil health and performance, allowing for higher yields, higher quality produce and reduced input costs.

We are a member of NOFA-NJ as well as the NJ Vegetable Growers Association, and look forward to seeing you at NOFA and VGA conferences in Jan and Feb, respectfully!

Contact us today at for more information, and to learn how you can try AgraPro in your fields, risk-free, to confirm how it can help your operations. Whether you have used other biostimulants or whether you have never heard of them, we recommend you give AgraPro a try to see why it is the best around!

Check out our separate website and our Facebook page for more information on how AgraPro can help your farm grow!

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